Unlocking Potential – Maximizing Value – Contributing to OUR Community

Split Peninsula Properties d.o.o. (SPP) is a full-service diversified real estate investment, development and asset management company. SPP’s exceptional team of real estate professionals is closely tied to the financial and investment communities of China, Croatia and other major markets, extending the SPP global standard throughout the industry.

At SPP, we seek to be an innovative and enterprising real estate company that acts vigorously and decisively to achieve sufficient growth aimed at safeguarding as well as strengthening our strong market position in Croatia.

We believe passionately in creating a vibrant environment/experience that not only meets our core business objectives but also makes a positive contribution to our community. We deploy local construction talent wherever possible, choose designs and approaches that complement and reinforce cultural identity, and minimize the disruption associated with the development process.

We work to build personal, long-term relationships with our community, partners and clients. SPP seeks to:

  • Develop strategies that create the greatest value to core business operations;
  • Identify and structure projects to deliver the strategy
  • Procure best-in-class local teams and global partners;
  • Promote sustainable development that meets the needs of our community, partners, clients and the hotel/resort industry;
  • Manage the development, construction and operation of projects while reducing and mitigating risks;
  • Track and optimize operational and financial performance;
  • Build strategic partnerships for raising capital


The SPP team includes both development and construction professionals who are focused on optimizing designs and delivering assets that are constructed to stand the test of time. We oversee the delivery of our assets during construction, commissioning and operations. And we have the financial and technical expertise to oversee the day-to-day management of our assets, ensuring our assets meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Our 125+ years of combined experience, industry knowledge and proven track record make us an attractive partner.


Our Vision

  • To create successful real estate assets that are the result of our local market knowledge, cutting-edge development, innovative technologies and streamlined management practices—all of which shall contribute to lasting value.
  • To empower our community, partners and clients as they seek to realize unprecedented success.


Our Mission

  • To commit to long-term value creation for our partners, clients and employees with sound and visionary leadership
  • To gain a deep understanding of our stakeholders’ needs, and demonstrate the enthusiasm and drive to exceed their expectations
  • To care for and support our communities, and protect future generations by respecting our environment